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Guaranteed Results

With Automated Local Google Ads

Your next new customer is on Google. They are searching for a specific product or service - and they want a local provider. Can they find you? With our Automated Ads module we can turn the products and services you sell into effective locally targeted ad campaigns in minutes.

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Get Found with Low Sized Budgets

Our software integrates directly with Google Ads to automatically create, manage, and report on all aspects of your high-impact, locally targeted keyword ad campaign. We simply set your targeting and budget, and we do the rest.

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Unlimited Keyword Generation

Automated Ad Creation

Simplified Reporting

Continual Bid Optimization

Flexible Budgeting

Purple City

Getting found by nearby searchers, while they are actively looking for specific products or services, is the single most impactful thing any small business can do to survive today.

Just look at what all the “big guys” are spending the bulk of their advertising dollars on - search ads. And that’s exactly what a properly managed Google Ads campaign, managed by our agents does.

Small businesses can now compete with the bigger guys in Google free and paid search, using our affordable marketing options.

Whether your business sells online and ships nationally, or you want to be found locally for products and/or services you sell - we can tailor an ad campaign to suit your needs, and ensure potential customers can find you when searching for the products you sell.


Built for Small Business

Our mission is to create a perpetual stream of new customers to your small business.

This is a cloud-based marketing platform that leverages automation to make it fast, easy, and affordable for any small businesses to reach new customers through Google search. Our typical customer spends less than $750 per month, gets guaranteed results, and we thought of everything to make it easy for any-sized small business to get started.

Fast Setup

Ads are live in two business days

Hands-free Maintenance

We continually monitor and optimize your ads using automation

Flexible Budgeting Options

Starting at just $750/month

 No contracts, setup or maintenance fees

You simply pay the desired monthly budget, and can cancel anytime

Quantifiable Results

Detailed reporting on your ad campaigns in a way you can understand

Blurred Busines People

It's About Time

We do all the work

Our goal is to make it EASY for every small business to be found by new customers in search, regardless of technical skill, industry or budget. You simply tell us a bit about your business and we do the rest. If you have questions along the way we offer free full-service support and have useful tools such as:

One-on-One Support

Live Chat

Full Help Section

Updates and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your turn around time?
    A standard website design / redesign (which is about 5 - 6 pages) takes us about 7 - 10 business days. Bigger projects obviously may be longer and smaller projects may be a shorter time frame.
  • What is included in a standard website?
    A standard website includes: - Modern website design with 5 - 6 pages - Full mobile optimization - Google indexing - High quality images where applicable - High quality videos where applicable - Lifetime tech support
  • Will I be able to maintain my website myself?
    Yes we structure our websites to be easily maintained by even the most novice and un-familiar-with-technical-things clients. After your website is built, we transfer the site to you and provide a 1 hour screenshare training session to teach you how to easily maintain. We do also provide maintenance packages for those who would rather focus on their business and have us take care of the website updates.
  • Will my website bring in new clients?
    Although we structure all of our websites to be able to convert site visitors into customers, a common misunderstanding is that a website will do this all on its own. A website will sit online with nothing to do unless you provide site visitors through some kind of marketing. Luckily, we are also a marketing company so we can help you also run effective ads to get your website to do what it's supposed to do.
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