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10 Need-to-Knows for your next Email Marketing Campaign

Never underestimate the power of e-mail marketing, especially in the digital age we find ourselves in right now! In the past year, e-mail marketing has skyrocketed, with over 4.3 billion active e-mail users projected for 2023 (Statista, 2021). The potential of e-mail marketing to grow your business is endless. The True Marketing Agency would like to share the scoop on how you can use e-mail marketing to attract future customers/clients/subscribers and maintain loyalty with the ones you currently have. So here are 10 ways to get your e-mail campaigns to stand out from all the rest:

1. Double-check your ‘From’ line. You may think that your emails are automatically going to consist of your business name but depending on what e-mail marketing platform you are using, sometimes who the e-mail is coming from may not be your business name, or maybe you want it to be an abbreviated form of your business name. Whichever the case is, send a test e-mail to yourself and double-check.

2. Personalize those subject lines! With so many businesses e-mailing content to their customers, one way your business can stand out is by making your subject lines personal. Using the collected information, such as an individual’s name, or a compelling cliffhanger, in the subject line can increase click rates and adds that special personalized touch that will set your business apart.

3. Do not leave your pre-header line empty! Pre-headers are important because it simply allows you to extend your subject line. These pre-headers align with the subject line, so they are an opportunity to allow your receivers to see a full message in their inbox before even opening your e-mail. Just make sure it’s a captivating one!

4. Double Opens is one of the best e-mail strategizes out there. Double Opening is when you send an initial e-mail and then resend that same email within 3-5 business days to the customers/clients/subscribers who did not open your first email, but with a different subject line. This gives the receiver a second chance to view your e-mail while also boosting your open rate.

5. Stay personal through segmentation. Segmenting your emails by categorizing your customers/clients/subscribers into subgroups based on their personal information: interest, age, location, etc. gives you the upper hand in creating more relevant content.

6. Give visuals. Add videos and photos to your e-mails. Words are always great, but it’s something about a visual that speaks to its receiver. Bring in some visuals from your social media accounts (photos, videos, graphics, creatives, etc.) to the body of your marketing email to reel your customers in. It works like a charm!

7. Never leave big news unannounced. Promotions, sales, and anything of the sort make for great eye-catching e-mails that will certainly yield a return.

8. BUT REMAIN RELEVANT. Try to avoid overwhelming your receivers with information that is not valuable to them. One way this can be done is by ‘frequency capping.’ Frequency capping is a feature that allows you to set how much and how often an e-mail will be sent to a select customer/client/ subscriber. Always think through your message and its relevance to who will be reading it.

9. Automation is the key to building customer loyalty and trust. Automating your campaigns also is an advantage, not only in saving yourself some time but also a great tool in planning out the content of your campaign.

10. Maintain your e-mail lists. It’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing hundreds of email addresses on your e-mailing list, but what if out of those hundreds’ half are bad addresses? Well, that can ultimately harm your campaign analytics, affecting your deliverability rate. So, make it a regular practice to comb through your list.

E-mail marketing is one of the best tools if understood thoroughly before an official campaign is ran. We highly encourage you to read through the tips listed above so that you successfully implement e-mail marketing to leverage your business.


H. Tankovska, H. (2021, March 19). Number of e-mail users worldwide from 2017 to 2025. Statista. Published.

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