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SEO Sales Script

***Remember, you are not telemarketer; you are a consultant helping a business owner get more customers. It is important to remember not to sound like a sales person and to remember you are here to help their company get better visibility in the search engine rankings.***

Hello, this is________(first name) calling from The True Marketing Agency. We're helping _______(business type(s)) in your area get 1st page placements on Google. I was wondering if I can set up a call with you and our SEO Specialist later today or this week so we can see if we can help you and your team get more calls and walk ins?

Rebuttal Counters

Owner Not In

Oh ok what is the owners name and when will he/she be in?

Take down the name of the owner and the time(s) they are normally in and follow up. When you follow up the next day, bypass whoever picks up the phone by asking to speak to the business owner by first name. This normally makes people feel like you know the owner, so they are more likely to not try to filter you as a marketer/spam call.

Not Interested

Well sir/ma'am, heck if you were interested YOU would've called ME! (Give a slight chuckle) But seriously, I know you probably get A LOT of calls and it seems like everyone wants something from you, I get that but every now and then there's that conversation you have with someone and it's of VALUE and things make SENSE! While I can appreciate you not being interested, I'm sure you're interested in (Give, having more customers, making more profit etc...) and that's all we would like to talk to you about. Let me ask you a question, how do people normally find out about your _______(business type)? (listen to them and then proceed below)

Well SEO is the process of getting your business listed on Google higher up in the rankings than your competitors. Recent Statistics show that 80% of all Americans are using Google to find businesses like yours, rather than traditional forms such as the yellow pages, 411, word of mouth, or event print advertising. Also worth noting is that 63% of internet searchers are not going past the 1st page of Google. And we Specialize in getting first page results in a short amount of time. Can I please just pen you in for a call with our SEO specialist? It should be a quick and easy to understand call that may REALLY help your business grow.

At this point book them for a call by clicking this link: Booking Link and list an available time in their time zone that works for them. Choose the time and it will prompt you for their info so get that and schedule the time (repeating the info **especially email** reading it back if need be to ensure they get a confirmation booking.

OK thank you our SEO Specialist (Zay) will look over your website and contact you at that time! We Look forward to hopefully working with you!

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